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Mon, Apr 19


Live Video on My Website

Basics & Beyond Painting Class (April 19 Consult)

April 19 Consult

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Basics & Beyond Painting Class (April 19 Consult)
Basics & Beyond Painting Class (April 19 Consult)


Apr 19, 2021, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM GMT+2

Live Video on My Website

About the Event

(Classes on Thursdays, Consults on Mondays)

Have you been wanting to gain some confidence with your painting skills?  Feel like you need to sharpen some basic skills (or re-sharpen) in order to move beyond where you are at?  This four week live online painting class with Rachael will help you to gain confidence in your color choices, mixing and application.  It will help you to better understand the relationship between cool and warm colors as well as identify and implement different values in your art. We will also talk a little bit about surface preparation and look at the different results you can achieve depending on how you prepare your background. Keep in mind, this class is limited to ten participants so book your place asap!

Ever done repetitive painting?  If not, it's time! Repetetive painting of familiar subjects helps you to focus on the skill set you are developing rather than an obesssion or fixation with the subject.  In this class we will use repetitive painting of three familiar subjects to develop (or practice) the fundamentals of value, hue and saturation.

While Rachael will be painting with oils, this class would be suitable for both acrylic and oil artists.

You will need:

  • Access to reliable internet signal on a device with a screen large enough to see details.  I recommend using the Google Chrome browser. You'll want to make sure your microphone and camera are functioning.
  • Titanium White, Ivory Black, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow paints (acrylic or oil, or waterbased oil)
  • a palette suited to the kind of paints you will be using
  • rags or paper towels for cleanup
  • at least twelve painting surfaces (I recommend approx 8" squares of gessoed canvas board or 300gsm paper for oils)
  • Paintbrushes (I'll be using small, medium and large flat brushes, and round brushes size 2/3) but have whatever you might be comfortable on hand. If you aren't sure what you are comfortable with, no problem! Have a selection on hand so you can figure that out!
  • Water in a jar (for acrylic users) or solvent (for oil users)
  • A desire to have some fun painting!

Will this class be useful for artists with varrying skill levels?

Every skill level is welcome to join this class!  My experience is that we are all learners.  I enjoy teaching and sharing the process and skills that I have so far experienced.  But no matter how many times I have painted a subject, every single time I learn something new and advance in my journey.  I know from experience that some practical tools in the toolbox can go a long way in increasing my confidence as I approach the canvas.  It's my goal that at the end of this class, you have put some new tools in your tool box or perhaps just gained some confidence to use the ones you already knew you had!

How about my kids? Can they join?

While it makes my heart happy to see kids experience the arts, this class is designed for adult or at least high school aged artists.

Will this class be recorded so I can watch it later?

There are two options for this class: Live and Live Plus.  When you purchase your class ticket, "Basics & Beyond Live" gets you access to the live class only. "Basics & Beyond Live Plus" will get you the Live class and links to each recorded class which you will have access to for an additional 30 days following the end of the final class.


Rachael is located in the Czech Republic, so please note the time difference and be prepared at the proper time.  If you aren't sure, just ask!  (5:00 pm start time for Rachael means 11:00 am Eastern!)  

Seat Reservation

  • Basics & Beyond Painting LIVE

    Begins April 15, 2021 and continues for FOUR WEEKS. You'll be sent an email with additional information. Please note this is the ticket for the Live Class only, no recorded videos are included!

    Sale ended
  • Basics & Beyond Live Plus*

    *This is the ticket which gets you access to the Live Class AS WELL AS 30 day's access to the recorded classes. Additional Information to follow.

    Sale ended
  • April 19 Consult

    Sold Out



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