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Touch The Sky

Have you ever wanted to touch the sky? Those big fluffy clouds can seem so close yet so far away at the same time. They are a constant in our lives, yet we can't touch them. We see their effects, feel their rain, are grateful for their shade, yet sometimes wish they would just go away. We understand that their storms can be an answer to prayer for some, yet devastatingly destructive for others. Sometimes they move so quickly and other times it looks like they aren't moving at all. Clouds can be heavy and full, other times light and wispy.

At the end of the day, clouds do what they do. And we just get to enjoy the show. This little collection I'm putting together gives us the chance to feel those clouds. Lots of texture and movement up close and personal, so that you can finally touch the sky.

This collection is affordably priced at $40.00 US for each 8"x8" piece. 

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