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Floral #1 Tutorial

Floral #1 Tutorial


Hello Hello!


Welcome to my first online virtual tutorial! I am so excited to be able to continue connecting with many of you through these tutorials!  Please read through all the information on this page. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or on the journey, this tutorial will be perfect for you! It will be approximately one hour with the luxury of being able to pause, and rewind, and rewatch at your own leisure. You have until June 4, 2020 at midnight EDT to purchase your link to this video.  Your private link will be sent out on Friday, June 5th.

  • SUPPLIES needed:

    • Canvas, painting paper or board (primed)
    • chalk
    • Medium and small square brushes, small round brush
    • Water
    • Rag
    • Acrylic paints: turquoise, deep yellow, brown, white, ultramarine blue, warm red, Quin pink (if you don’t have these, then primary colors, black and white will do)!
  • Pay it Forward

    I recognise that the situation in the world may have affected the financial security for some of you, and for others of you, perhaps not so much. In this case, I want to be able to provide a few options for everyone, invcluding a “Pay it forward option”.  You can:

    • pay ($8.00USD) to receive a link to the video tutorial for yourself (keep the quantity at 1).
    • you can change the quantity ( 2 or more) and be able to pay for someone else to watch it! (Use code PIF2020 to get 10% off)
    • If you aren’t able to pay, simply use the code TUTORIALS at checkout, and when someone pays it forward, I will send you the link and the first name of the person who paid for you to watch it!

    Please, out of courtesy for me as the artist, do not offer your reproductions of this painting for sale. However, please share your results online and make sure to tag me @rachael_rector_art so that I can see your work!

  • BONUS Video!

    I will be sending out a link to a bonus video where I give a short intro into some of the products I use and how I set things up for a painting session.  This video will ONLY be available to those who register for this tutorial!

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